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Knowledgebase : Web Host Manager (WHM)
Yes. You can change both individual user's passwords and CPanel access passwords by logging in to WHM and clicking on the "Password Modification" link.
To create a new account in WHM, login to your WHM Control Panel and click the "Create New Account" setting on the lefthand side of the screen under the heading, "Account Functions." The windows that opens will enable you to add the domain name, userna...
URL for WHM access is:- (replace with your actual domain name)
Yes! Once logged in to your WHM Control Panel, choose "Suspend/Unsuspend an Account" from the menu tree on the left side of your screen. Choose the domain you wish to recover and click the "unsuspend" button.
To create an account in WHM, you must first have a package set up. To set up a package, choose “add packages” in the packages section. You can name the package whatever you want. You MUST specify a quota for the package. You are limited to the numbe...
Yes! After you're logged into your WHM Control Panel, click on "View Bandwidth Usage," which will display a listing of all the domains under your plan, plus the amount of bandwidth they've consumed to date.
Yes. Login to your WHM Control Panel and click the link on the left side of screen which says, "Disable or Enable Subdomains."