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Adding subdomains
Posted by - NA - on 26 March 2007 10:47 PM

The Sub Domain Maintenance menu allows you to add subdomains to your account. This feature is very useful as people can access subdirectories in your site through a simpler domain name than using your domain name and directory names.

For example: Instead of accessing, they can access if you set up a subdomain pointing to the forums directory.

1 To access the Sub Domain Maintenance menu, click on the word Subdomains on the main screen of your cPanel interface.

2 Enter the prefix for the subdomain in the first blank field, and click Add.

NOTE: If the subdomain was added successfully, the following will appear (except will be the prefix you are using, and your domain):

SubDomain Adder

The subdomain, has been added.

3 Click on Go Back.

4 To make the subdomain work, select it from the drop box next to Setup Redirection and click on Setup Redirection.

5 Enter the URL which you wish the subdomain to display in the blank field, and click on Save.

NOTE: If the subdomain was redirected properly, the following will appear (except will be your subdomain, and will be the URL you have selected your subdomain to display) :

SubDomain Redirection is currently being redirected to
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