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Having problems logging into cPanel?
Posted by Administrator on 20 September 2005 09:17 PM
you trying to log into cPanel via and are getting "404 Errors" or "Page not found" errors, it could be because:

Your domain name changes have not taken affect yet. (You changed your name servers with your domain name registrar but have not waited the recommended 24-72 hour period before the changes have taken affect.)

If this is the case, consider logging via the IP address given to you in your Welcome e-mail. After locating this, go to:


That didn't work? Try the following:

Close all your open browser windows and open a brand new one and try going to once more and see if it loads. If it still doesn't show, consider re-booting your computer and trying it once more.

Check to see if you are running any software firewalls that might be blocking ports 2083 or 2082. Sometimes offices have a main firewall that blocks out these ports. If this is the case, you may talk to your office's network administrator about opening these ports otherwise, you should be able to log in at home.

If you cannot access it from home (or know that your office does not have any firewalls operating), contact your ISP inquiring about blocked ports on ports 2082, 2083, 2086, and 2087.

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