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Posted by Administrator on 20 September 2005 09:17 PM
Why is unlimited limited?
Once, while discussing where the term unlimited came from, and why it is no longer a viable option, when referring to hosting and their features, I created a short story to help the site owners visualize what happened. The following is a section of that post (with slight edits for clarity).


... Once upon a time, in a virtual world not so long ago, Web hosts put out a huge bowl of M&Ms® for everyone to munch on.

Many hosts said, "Eat all you want, it's a Munch-A-Thon!" At that time most people could not eat more then a small handful, which meant the hosts could serve a lot of people. And all of the people felt full and satisfied with their handful of M&Ms® and they even felt the freedom of knowing they could eat however many they wanted.

Then, all of the sudden the people said, we want milk with our M&Ms®, and we need paper towels because they do in fact melt in your hands, and we want to share our M&Ms® with other people, and we really could use to be able to add Peanut M&Ms® to the mixture! To make it even more interesting a new breed of people started appearing at the Munch-A-Thon, and these people were able to consume entire bags of M&Ms® rather then just handfuls.

No one wanted to pay more for this... but the hosts decided to add all of these things to the bowl. This started the next phase of Munch-A-Thons. The hosts were running out of M&Ms®. People had to stand in long lines and wait to be served. Problems were found with many of the M&Ms®. At first they were simple things... an M had been rubbed off... but then they became more complex... peanuts were missing and milk was becoming sour. The people began to scream in outrage! "No one can offer all-you-can-eat M&Ms® at a Munch-A-Thon! You are lying to us and deceiving us and essentially telling us you will give us all of these M&Ms® when in fact you can't! I brought my children here to eat M&Ms® and you kicked me out because you didn't have enough for them. Now I am out in the cold, with hungry children, and it's all because you deceived me!"

So here we are at the revolution of Munch-A-Thons. Hosts are scrambling to find the answers. They gave the munchers all of the extras, but they didn't charge for them. Now they are being torn in different directions. They can continue to lie to the munchers or they can start charging the munchers. Either way there will be business lost and there will be innocent munchers, that never ate more then a handful, confused as to what is happening.

I have read the articles, watched various forums, listened to the people, and taken in the above story. It is what is happening to hosts everywhere. The resolution to the problems needs to be found NOW. Those that continue to deceive the site owners about what can be offered, with the new standards the site owners require, WILL go out of business. The sites on those servers will be SOL when they do! ...


If you are the type of site owner that is looking for an old fashioned "Munch-A-Thon" from a host, you may want to re-consider your expectations. Not to long ago, before CGI, PHP, ASP, E-Commerce, and real time media, were popular, hosts could serve ten times the sites they are able to serve now. The sites have changed; they've grown up so to speak. What once took minimal resources to serve now takes an extreme amount of resources and requires many more options to function correctly. The rules have changed. Surfers aren't surfing with 14.4 modems anymore. If your host is not changing with those rules, you will likely find that your host will not exist for much longer. Stay informed. Choose a host that does the same.

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