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How do I create a new account in WebHost Manager?
Posted by Administrator on 20 September 2005 09:17 PM
To create a new account in WHM, login to your WHM Control Panel and click the "Create New Account" setting on the lefthand side of the screen under the heading, "Account Functions."

The windows that opens will enable you to add the domain name, username, password, and other account specifications to each new account.

NOTE: You must first create hosting account "packages", to assign to your new users.

How do I create an account/package with WHM?

To create an account in WHM, you must first have a package set up. To
set up a package, choose “add packages” in the packages section. You can
name the package whatever you want. You MUST specify a quota for the
package. You are limited to the number of megabytes that come with your
account, so the quota must be less than that number. Leaving it blank
sets the quota to 1 MB, it does NOT give unlimited space. You can enter
in any number of email accounts, ftp accounts, and the other options,
but you must enter a number, leaving it as “unlimited” sets it equal to
zero. You must also set a bandwidth limit, do NOT leave this at
“unlimited” – it will set it equal to 1 MB. Change the cPanel theme to
“x”. Select “Create” from the top of the page.

Then, go to the option “create new account” under the accounts section.
Enter the domain name (must be registered already), a username, and a
password. Leave the IP address as “auto-assign”. Select the package that you created. Select “create” at the top of the page.

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