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How to use the cPanel File Manager?
Posted by Administrator on 20 September 2005 09:17 PM
If you log into your Cpanel account, there is a file manager program built into the Cpanel program. Log into your Cpanel account and then click on the "File Manager" icon. From there, double-click on the "public_html" yellow file folder. Once that has been done - click on the "Upload file(s)"
link (by the big black arrow).

That will take you to a screen that has a bunch of "browse" buttons. Click on one of those to find the files, on your hard drive, that you wish to upload. Once you've found them and clicked on on the "upload" button.

Make sure you name your main webpage "index.html" (or index.php, index.htm, etc). That is the file that will display whenever someone visits your website.

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