How to send email using CDO via ASP ?
Posted by Tarak D on 25 January 2012 08:54 PM
Dim mymail
'Create an instance of the CDOSYS Object
set mymail = createobject("CDO.Message")
mymail.Configuration.Fields.Item("")="" 'this should be changed to the smtp server you have access to
mymail.Configuration.Fields.Item("")=25 'or the port configured for smtp
'you can uncomment the lines below if your mail server requires authentication
mymail.Configuration.Fields.Item("")="" ' this should be the authenticated user who can send emails
mymail.Configuration.Fields.Item("")="email_password" ' the password of the authenticated user
'update the configuration options
' the email address to send to = ""
'if you want to include a name then
' = "Firstname Surname <>"
'the email address to send from
mymail.from = ""
'if you want to include a name then
'mymail.from = "Firstname Surname <>"
'the cc email address to send to
' = ""
'the bcc email address to send to
'mymail.bcc = ""
'enter the subject of the email
mymail.subject = "Email Subject"
'to send an html email
mymail.HTMLbody = "<b>This is the HTML email body</b>"
'to send a plain text email
mymail.Textbody = "This is the plain text email body"
'add an attachment
'mymail.AddAttachment server.mappath("/path_to_attachment/file.ext")
'send the email
'clean the objects
set mymail=nothing
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